Hey everyone, I just found that amazing course from Mister Shoemaker, it looks pretty enormous!

Best of all, it's free!

I didn't even get my first lesson yet, but since you can become an affiliate once you suscribe, I tought I might post the link right now.

I learned about this course on Johnchow.com (I've been reading his blog alot lately :P). It's suppose to be all of Shoemoney's knowledge about Internet Marketing spreaded into 12 whole weeks.

This guide is for everyone from newbies to experienced Internet marketers. No matter what your skill or knowledge level, you will be sure to walk away from this course with some great pieces of information that will allow you to turn your ideas into profitable sites.
And here's a list of what will be covered by that program:
  • Week 1 - The Beginner's Guide To Internet Marketing
  • Week 2 - Affiliate Marketing 101: Everything You Need To Know To Start Promoting Products
  • Week 3 - Market Research: How To Crush Your Competitors And Discover Hot Niches
  • Week 4 - Pay Per Click: How To Earn Cash With Each Click
  • Week 5 - SEO: How To Rank Higher And Increase Traffic
  • Week 6 - Site Creation: How To Build A Site With Zero Programming Knowledge
  • Week 7 - Content Creation: How To Create Articles That Attract Users And Increase Sales
  • Week 8 - Marketing: How To Use Social Media To Spread Your Brand
  • Week 9 - Make That Cash: 10 Ways To Monetize Your Site And Increase Profitability
  • Week 10 - Testing & Tracking: How To Optimize Your Site & Make Sense Of The Figures
  • Week 11 - Building Your Team: How To Network With Others And Find Long Term Partners
  • Week 12 - Launch Day: How To Kick Start Your Business And Manage Your Projects

I know I sound a little too much enthusiastic about this (and just to make it clear, I am not sponsored by Jeremy...), but honestly... 84 days of professionnal content, for free, it's quite a deal.

Here's my referral link if you want to use it (I believe I get .25$ for everyone who suscribes with it). It is not much, but it's kind of appeciated anyway.

And here's he ugly banner they want us to add. Take note that there's a mistake in it (As I said, the course lasts 12 weeks, not 11)

I hope you'll enjoy it guys!

Oh and did I mention that anyone who suscribes gets a chance to win an iPod Touch (you just have to tweet about it) ?