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Thread: SimplePerfect - More than a Free Wordpress Theme

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  1. SimplePerfect - More than a Free Wordpress Theme


    I'm proud to present you my free Wordpress theme SimplePerfect.


    Download & Info

  2. Adrian i must say that this theme rocks!
    It really can be compared to Woo's. And to add to it it's free!

    (There is an image in the footer that does not work
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  3. I don't have any image there. Wonder where that came from. Thanks for letting me know.

    Thanks for your appreciations. I would be happy if you'll recommend it to your readers.

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    Nice theme adrian.

    I really loved it and i downloaded it. The coding is good too.

    And yes there is an image below "SimplePerfect | Designed by Business Letters | Sponsored by Web Hosting, SUV & Bingo Sites".

  5. Thanks Brandon!

    I posted it on TimThumb script forum. I think is kind of a bug of resizing script. If you look on single page where I don't use the script the image is not there.

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    This is really cool. I'll have to mess around with it.

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    I am in the process of downloading the theme. I am starting a new blog, I will use it on that.

    Btw when did you launch it?

  8. I released it yesterday!
    Wordpress Themes Free - This is where I spend all my free time.

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    You di an excellent job Adrian! I especially love the footer, it looks great.

  10. Thanks> I try to deliver quality and I guess my readers appreciate this.
    Wordpress Themes Free - This is where I spend all my free time.

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