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Thread: Smowtion - Sign up under me, get 50% commission!

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    Smowtion - Sign up under me, get 50% commission!

    Hello and welcome to my thread.

    I would like to introduce you to an amazing offer available for a limited time. Nah, I'm kidding - this is available forever! But take advantage of it now. Haha, anyway: Let's talk about advertising networks. Almost every webmaster displays advertisements on their sites, right? So why not make the most you can?

    Smowtion is a relatively new advertising network that aims to bring you a large amount of revenue by utilizing the services of a vast number of other networks. Sort of like a partnership in a way. The point is that you can earn a ton! I was skeptical at first, but I've been convinced of its legitimacy and am already seeing great earnings! If you get referred to Smowtion by a current publisher, you get 20% increased revenue from your sites! But I think you deserve more...

    Therefore, I'll propose a partnership of my own. Sign-up under me by clicking the image above and you'll not only receive 20% more revenue from Smowtion, but I will receive a bonus equal to 5% of your earnings for 6 months as a gift from Smowtion for referring you. I want that extra cash, so I'm willing to give you half of what I earn from having you under me in exchange for your sign-up and participation.

    To clarify:
    1. Sign-up under me using my referral link.
    2. I will pay you (via paypal) 2.5% of the referral commission I earn from you.

    All you need to do is use the link above and just earn money as you normally would. Then, enjoy the bonus that you'll receive as a thank you gift from me! You really can't lose with a deal like this - so hurry and hop on board.

    Thank you!

    --- Update:
    Attention Prospective Referrals:
    In the spirit of mutual benefit, I will personally review sites on which you display Smowtion advertisements to help you get the best CTRs possible - that way, we both earn more! I'll render some basic assistance with getting your site to be more profitable - just let me know what sites after you have signed up under me and your account is activated by Smowtion.
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