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    Staff Needed

    I am in need of staff at a new webmaster forum WDD Forums

    There is no pay right now but once adsense kicks in all mods will take a split.

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    I don't know, but I think it would be better to search for good members first and eventually graduate them to moderators or even administrators. I always hated the fact, that some new staff members have zero posts and aren't knowing a thing about the board, it's better to graduate someone that knows how it works -- who's character is like this, or like that etc

    Just a quick hint Maybe you can search for some paid forum posters (it shouldn't be a lot).

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Is that a clone of the vBSEO forum layout?

    vBulletin SEO Forums

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    I own a paid posting company so I don't need to search if I choose to use them secondly anyone who is interested have to post an x amount of posts so I can see their posting style and so on forth before promoting them.

    Apparently it is a clone I just recently bought the forum and will be changing the layout.

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  6. take meeee.. i have plenty of time

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    Jump on the forum make 15 posts then pm me (TheZ).

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    Just joined and looking at the site right now.

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