I've gotta get rid of this horrible AT&T service so up for sale is an AT&T iPhone 3G.

The iPhone itself has been in an Otterbox case since day 1. There are no dents, dings, scratches or broken screen, dead pixels or anything wrong with the phone at all. Its 100% functional and is only 3 months old roughly.

The iPhone is currently jailbroke and has a ton of apps on it. Some free, some paid, I can either ship the iPhone still jailbroke to you, or I can restore it to factory settings, clean as a whistle, and make it like brand spanking new. (Note, no apps, or jailbreaking will be done after restoration).

The iPhone can be unlocked and switched to other networks if you so wish, but that is something the new owner will have to do.

iPhone 3G 8GB Black in Mint Condition
OtterBox Case ($30?)
USB Cable
Car Charger
USB -> Home power adapter (to charge from house outlets)

Payment method via PayPal. Shipping $8 any where USA.
Looking for offers in $300+ range as thats what they're getting on eBay.