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Thread: Top Quality Yahoo Answer service

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    Top Quality Yahoo Answer service

    Hey Guys,

    As a new member here, I want to bring to you my Amazing Yahoo Answer Service. I have a level 3 Account with "top contributor" tag and 50% best answer. I will put your link in the Reference Box for $2 per answer and will take bulk order.

    Why risk your answer being deleted by yahoo when you buy from Black Hat or Bot Services. I'm doing it manually, so you can rest assured that everything is according to Yahoo guide line and you can be assured that your link will be there permanently. I know my price is a bit steep but hey, you pay peanut you get monkey job.

    You can check my profile with real photograph, name and email.

    Masha's Activity - Yahoo! Answers

    Please do not request for Black Hat tactics as I do not want to risk my account banned. Affiliate links and URL shortener is not accepted.

    Email me if you are interested.

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    I'm Sorry I mean $2 per best answer with your link. Thank you

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    Actually how this business do work? Do you make the question by yourself and then answer it accordingly? If not, where you got the questions from that you use to answer?

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