I am unable to reach the person who does my normal graphics, and I really need a few ASAP. I am willing to give 6 months - 1 year of free hosting. The offer is open to 10 people. The plans are are located at K-Disk.net

6 Months Starter Hosting for 2 Static Images (125 x 125 to advertise for K-Disk.net Web Hosting.
6 Months Starter Reseller for 3 Antimated Gifs (2 125 x 125 + 1 Standard Banner)
1 Year Starter Standard Hosting for 2 (Antimted) Flash Banners
1 Year Starter Reseller Hosting for 2 (Animated) Flash Banners + 2 Animated Gif Buttons + 2 "Peel Off" Flash Ads

This is sort of a Contest, but all submissions will get the prize. The ONLY Guidelines are it should focus on selling my reseller and shared hosting services. It can include my logo found at https://k-disk.net/host/logo-custom.gif.png . Images can be watermarked until hosting is provided if you wish. Please also mention that FFMPEG is Allowed. (It is BYOD (Bring your own domain))