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Thread: USA Bank accounts for Non - residents,No Need of USA Tax information,SSN,Adress,Etc.,

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    I think you speak of a brokerage account. If have one in the US using E-Trade. I live in Germany. They give you even an ATZM card for and they do never charge for ot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    Illegal aliens can get bank accounts. I think that they need to show a card from their consulate. It's also possible for them to get mortgages, in state college tutition and credit cards.
    I believe you. We have a thriving community for illegals where I live in Arizona.

    In Arizona we have the highest rate of identity theft in the USA due to illegals stealing people's social security numbers to create false identities. 25% of the people in this state become the victim of identity theft at some time in their life.

    My point is that there may be legal methods for setting up bank accounts, obtaining credit cards and mortgages, but many illegals choose the illegal path.

    A few years ago we passed a referendum that requires students to show proof of citizenship and residency. If they couldn't show proof they had to pay the higher cost out-of-state rate, rather than the subsidized resident's rate. The enrollment at our colleges dropped significantly. Illegals can still attend college here without any problem, but they have to pay the same rate as anyone who isn't a permanent resident.

    BTW, Janet Napolitano, who was governor at the time, fought us all the way to the Supreme Court. We won, she lost. An now she is in charge of Homeland Security and is supposed to be protecting our borders.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    Sites that purport to provide the "service" offered in the OP's post are notorious for being used for purposes of phishing for account info, have been connected to "Nigerian bank scam" operations, etc. I've busted someone using one of these for purposes of funding other illegal operations he was doing in various forums.

    I strongly recommend researching the reputation of any individual or company involved in this type operation BEFORE giving them financial account data. Google is a great resource for this.

    In the case of our OP here... the first thing that'd give me pause is running across this: Warning about an online scammer(friend)
    Needless to say, one might be concerned about taking advice about gaining accounts from someone that is openly accused of stealing a friend's account info and Paypal account.

    Checking a few of those names in the blog, I see multiple accounts at DP created by tvkchatainya's various IDs named. It doesnt take a lot of digging to see the accounts are the same person. You'll also find the text of this thread posted by a guy named hydeseo. See USA Bank accounts for Non - residents,No Need of USA Tax information,SSN,Adress,Etc.,

    Accounts (amm banned) that are the same as the OP's there include but are NOT limited to:
    • giyar
    • Morphineadaicted
    • johnmacellen
    • hydeseo
    • nizbseo
    • chaitanyatvk

    Not uncommon, there are others that have dup accounts on forums that I might trust. It is not proof someone is a scammer, but it does suggest checking further. What you do NOT want to see is the guy using an alternate ID to give credibility to himself. That's pure fraud.

    I did find where multiple IDs owned by our OP appear in the same thread with one supporting the other...
    SAMPLE: Morph + johnmacellen - [ame=]free desired .com,.net domains and month hosting for free(only usa and canada)[/ame]

    I'd also be severely put off by other threads started about the same character taking money without delivery of promised services as seen here:
    Few people from Hyderabad(india) doing fraud in DP and other marketplaces

    Evidence of that activity (attempting to sell dmoz listings) is shown here: [ame=]get your site listed in DMOZ directory permently for only 10$[/ame]
    Note the email address for the guy posting.

    My point:
    Anyone that uses a site offered by the OP to hand over personal financial data, given the data available about his track record, does so at considerable risk.

    I post this as a member of this forum, not in the capacity of "moderator". All the info above was obtained via use of Google and did not require mod access at DP or anywhere else. It just pays to be careful. If Will thinks I've crossed a line he can yank this post, but as a forum member I feel obligated to blow a whistle if a scammer walks into the midst and starts throwing out offers that might induce members to lose money.
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