With an increasing number of institutions and countries blocking access to web sites, even ones which are useful for work or school, there is an increasing demand for proxies. Web-based proxy sites can be useful, but they can be detected as filters become better over time. Another major concern on the web is that the IP address your provider assigns you is plastered all over the place as your browse the web. This can lead to your web browsing habits being tracked and possible even attackers launching assaults on your home or work computer.

NEW FEATURE: Account creation is automated upon successful payment. Details about logging in are e-mailed to you instantaneously.

VectroTunnel is an advanced proxy which uses OpenSSH to encrypt your connection to the server. This not only provides the usual anonymous browsing as most proxies, but also makes it impossible for filters to see what passes through the tunnel.

Here are some of the features of VectroTunnel:

* Your Browser Connects Directly To the Proxy
* Stay Anonymous and Secure While Browsing
* You Do Not Have Go To A Proxy Web Site To Connect
* YouTube, MySpace, Facebook Accessible
* Logins and Comments Work When Using MySpace
* Protection While Using Public Wi-Fi Networks
* Download Large Files
* No Ads, No Pop-Ups, No Web Junk
* Tips For Making Firefox Extra Secure
* Hosted on a Fast Server and Fast Network
* Encrypted Connection From Your Computer To The Proxy
* Privacy From Your Internet Provider or Public Network
* SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 Compatible, But More Secure
* When We Add More Servers The Monthly Cost will NOT Increase

Here is the support and help which is available to members:

* Works with Windows XP, Vista, Mac and Linux
* Instructions For Getting Your Computer Connected
* Instructions For Configuring Different Programs
* Full Technical Support Available via E-Mail For All Members
* Friendly Help For Beginners To Get Started

Here is a list of software which is compatible with VectroTunnel:

* Firefox
* Safari
* Internet Explorer
* Thunderbird
* Pidgin
* Many Others

Try VectroTunnel for $9.95 per month