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Thread: ★★★ Want to Dominate your keyword? 26 * 100% Natural Dofollow Links - unique service

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    ★★★ Want to Dominate your keyword? 26 * 100% Natural Dofollow Links - unique service

    ★ 100% New ★ Dominate your keyword - Natural relevant links - Authority - Whitehat

    Do You Want To Dominate Your Competitors With Your Keyword In The Search Engine Ranking?

    • Are you tired of doing SEO work yourself?
    • Are you frustrated of web 1.0 SEO professionals still offering directory submissions as tool to successfully rank?
    • Are you sick to death of SEO experts promising you the world but offering zilch?

    Nothing to worry about .... You are not alone ....
    .... we keep hearing the same frustrated fears and complaints from multiple webmasters, freelancers and CEOs who contact us seeking remedy to their unsuccessful SEO campaigns.
    We developed a unique concept for dominating keywords with around 500,000 competitors using completely natural, whitehat, relevant and search engine friendly links.

    • You will rank for your keyword
    • You'll be experiencing a boost in natural SE visitors on the longterm
    • You will dominate and bash your competitors
    • You will make encounter a sustainable development using natural, human based SEO boosting techniques
    • You will have nothing to worry about except how to monetize your drastic extreme traffic boost

    Are you convinced that old-school linkbuilding no longer works? Yes it doesn't, welcome in the Google 2.0 era. Better and more advanced algorithms require better and more advanced techniques.

    Watch the introduction video: [ame=]Hubpages Creation Service on Vimeo[/ame]

    Sorry, you will not get anything of the following:

    • No spammy thousands of directory submissions using the same texts all over. Article directories except Yahoo's directory no longer work.
    • No spammy article that will then be submitted to hundreds of article sites. That won't work as you'll have links from duplicated content
    • No links from sites that aren't relevant. Google does not like that at all and will immediately label your website as potential spam.
    • No dofollow blog comments. That in fact works to get some PR to your website, doesn't however rank you for your keyword. Using the keyword as name looks spammy and when Google sees it they think you are abusing blog comments.

    Instead you will get 100% natural relevant links

    The only way of doing off-page optimization is to get relevant, natural links to your website. We achieve that by doing the following to dominate your keyword:

    • Creating individual websites relevant to your keyword
    • Adding a link from them to your site with rotating keywords
    • Link comes from Web 2.0 content, meaning, from media rich content. We'll be trying to find related videos/images. Advantage: Google now takes media into consideration to rank you.
    • Each of the sites will then be promoted, giving more link juice to your primary webiste.
    • Using rotations you'll be ranking several times for your keyword. All the pages will point to your primary site.

    Where your 100% SE friendly natural dofollow links come from

    See this picture showing the process :

    1 Wordpress blog: 2 articles will be published on the blog, both relevant to your keyword. One of them will have a link to your blog. That way you'll not be labeled as a link-only blog. It will look more natural that way. + Promotion.

    Why Wordpress?

    1 Blogspot blog: 2 articles will be published on the blog, both relevant to your keyword. One of them will have a link to your blog. That way you'll not be labeled as a link-only blog. It will look more natural that way. + Promotion.

    Why blogspot?

    1 Squidoo lense: Relevant to your keyword. Link to your primary website. + Promotion.Why Squidoo?

    1 An hub-page relevant to your keyword with media-rich content. The article will link to your website resulting in a relevant dofollow link. + Promotion. Why Tumblr?

    Same as with Tumblr will be done for:

    Promoting hubpages and website to give you the natural juice
    Just standalone hubpages are useless without promotion. Your hubpages will be promoted to pass their juice to your website.

    Promotion is done using 2 methods:
    • 10 Dofollow links from relevant web 2.0 sites to each of your hubpages
    • Unique article submissions to authority directories

    Ouch, why article submissions?

    Article sites have authority because of their age and content. We are doing the submissions completely different using new whitehat methods. Submitting your article to 500 sites will get you banned from the search engines. When linking to your site it's extremely important that the link comes from unique content.

    We do the following to achieve that:

    • Write a unique article and submit it to one single directory only
    • The author's resource box then has a link from unique content
    • The link you get is both powerful and natural
    • Each of the links goes to both your website and one of your hubpages using a unique keyword. That way you'll get natural links to your website and secondly to the hubpage which will then spread the juice to your website.

    This is one of the most powerful methods we webmasters can use. The good thing, it's fully whitehat and natural. With each of the hubpages you'll be in the search engines for a different keyword and thus dominate a wide range of keywords.

    The result of all this is a powerful content and link network allowing you to easily dominate your competitors.

    • 13 Links from natural Articles
    • 13 Links from natural web 2.0 hubpages
    • = 26 natural relevant links.
    • Visitors from other hubpages

    Further questions?

    We have been doing internet-marketing for years however did not offer this service to the public before. Service matters and in case you have any questions please just contact us right away. In case you want more information about me (provider of this service), please check out my Google profile .

    Purchasing our unique service

    The price for this unique service is only 250$

    • Everything will be done 100% by humans
    • ... The result is 100% natural work
    • Articles will be written by professionals
    • Turnaround time is only 3 days depending on load.

    Use any of the above mentioned methods of contacting us to let us know that you are interested in the service. We'll let you know the payment details. Payments can only be made using PayPal, or Western Union. You pay us upfront (we make exceptions for trusted VIP clients).

    Getting started to fully SEO your site

    Once you sent us the payment contact us and let us know the following:

    • Link to your site
    • Provide us 13 keywords, or just the main keywod and let us research
    • Optional Media we can use from your site (else we research).

    Turnaround time is 3 days, once completed you will get:

    • A full report containing....
    • Links to your hubpages
    • The Web 2.0 dofollow site accounts
    • Login to the email address we used
    • Article sites take longer to approve and using new accounts can result in less juice. We will send you a full report later once all articles are live

    3 Review Copies for Members Having more than 10 itraders for a Reduction of 50$

    Looking forward to do business together with you .

    Again, in case you have any questions, please contact us!

    Our clients love us

    Bulk orders will be considered Seriously and Negotiable.
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