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Thread: Wanted all Webmasters with Niche Sites

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    Arrow Wanted all Webmasters with Niche Sites

    What is your sites niche? Would you like a way to promote the niche?

    Take a close look at this offer!

    Any niche will work*

    Get a blog post in your niche today!!! This is a very helpful way to get backlinks for your niche.

    Only one post will be made on the blog for that niche/keyword. Please check sites to make sure your niche is not taken.

    Want more then one post This is allowed.

    Example: You have a coin site I will allow this

    Your Daily Facts about Buffalo Nickles

    Your Daily Facts about Morgan Dollars

    Lets say you have a Dog site and Your Daily Facts about Dogs is taken.

    You can still write a post about Your Daily Facts about Pit Bull or Your Daily Facts about Great Danes get the idea.

    Is their a cost for the blog post?

    Yes and No

    If you write a unique post of around 400/500 word you can have 2 in-context links as a guest blogger FREE.

    If you wish me to write the post for your niche a small fee will be charged.

    Feel free to PM with any questions.


    *No hate,warez,adult,gambling will be allowed

    See 4th sig
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