Excellent Design.

Everyone has a website. But why do so many people have a BAD website?

February 21st - 2011, No longer is it just good enough to have website. One
needs to have a website which is totally user friendly and brings the
consumer in. It's unlikely that you are the only company selling the
products which you are online. Customers will think nothing of clicking off
your website and clicking onto one which is more user friendly and easier to
navigate their way around.

The thing about websites is that you're not walking into a store. When one
goes to a store they may feel as if they will gander around a little. This
is not the case when one comes on your website though.

If they don't like your website, they are just a few clicks away from
finding another one.

The moral of the story? Have a well designed website.

Really pay attention to what's on your website and how it works. Get friends
and family to look over the website and ask them how easy it is to use. Of
course, you will need to find a great graphic design company.

For something as important as getting your website designed you have to sift
out the excellent design teams from the average design teams. When you look
at website designers look at their portfolio on their website, see their
body of work. Are you impressed with their designs? Do they look as if they
know what their doing?

Look and see if the work they have done is eye catching and makes you want
to stay on the site. More importantly, how user friendly are the websites?
Go onto their client websites and see if the website design company has done
a good job.

Also, remember: although they are the designers, your opinion is important.
A website is a personal thing, it reflects your company, your ethos and what
is important to you. If you have any ideas or have a design which you like,
inform the graphic designers of your plans. Remember, they are working for
you. If they're unwilling to be open to your ideas and shut them down, maybe
you should shut down your account with them.

But be upfront. A professional website design company should understand the
power of advertising and know that a website has to reflect the mood of a
company. They try and get to the root of what makes your business different
and bring this to life on a website.

Moreover, have a realistic budget. It's okay wanting the best designed
website but do you have financial arsenal to back it up? If a company gives
you a figure which is just to good to be true, be weary. Get a break down of
what you are going to get.

One thing designers rarely do is create the content writing for you. This is
a good thing, their job is designing. Remember words are powerful; right
words equals grabbing your customers in, poor wording equals customer
rejection. You may want to think about paying for a copywriter.

About the Author

James King is a former graphic designer, now he works advising companies how
to advertise in the digital age.