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    WebGuruBB - Webmaster Chat Forums

    Title: WebGuruBB - WebMaster Chat Forums
    URL: WebGurubb - Webmaster Chat Forums, SEO Help, Hosting Suggestions, SERP Improvement, Forums SEO and More!

    A fun place to be for webmasters.

    Current offers:

    *Free Hosting for Posting
    *Free Link in our Premium Link Directory

    Offers Explained:

    Free Hosting:
    We are offering the top weekly poster free hosting for a month! Not only that, but it's really easy to keep your hosting! Just post at least 50 times during each month and your can keep being hosted for absolutely no cost.

    What does our free plan include:
    500mb disk space.
    1Gb bandwidth.
    Cpanel Control Panel.
    1 Free Email Account.
    2 Databases.
    1 Parked Domain.
    Does that sound awesome or what?

    So to recap:

    The top posting member for the week gets free hosting if they wish with the above credentials. To keep this, all you have to do is make 50 Posts during the month and it will auto extend for the next month.
    How will we calculate the top poster for the week?
    We will use a points based system. The points will be reset every week. You will receive 2 points for every new topic and a point for every reply.
    When does this awesome offer start and how do I enter?
    All members are automatically entered. You have the right to turn down the free hosting and we will award it to the next best member for the week.

    Free Link in our Premium Link Directory:
    We offer free link submissions for all WebGuruBB Members on our exclusive Link Directory WebGuruDir.
    You will need atleast 10 posts on our forum to apply link submissions.

    You can view the Link directory at WebGurubb - Webmaster Chat Forums, SEO Help, Hosting Suggestions, SERP Improvement, Forums SEO and More!

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    yeah it is worth to have this offer I guess. I want to get it now. Thanks for this free hosting offer; but how can I get domain here?

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    Domain you have to buy from your end!
    You will be able to add the nameservers of our host and we will configure an hosting account for you!
    So why wait,
    Join us and start posting!

    Added Official Blog at WebGuru Blog
    New moderator appointed.

    Current Status:
    Our members have made a total of 1,383 posts in 243 threads.
    We currently have 29 members registered.

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