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Thread: What to do if your AdSense account was canceled and you have proxy sites

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    What to do if your AdSense account was canceled and you have proxy sites

    If you have proxy sites but can't use AdSense, try the VectroTunnel affiliate program. It comes with pre-designed banners and text units that are the same sizes as AdSense. It's also possible to use this in addition to AdSense.


    • 50% payout MONTHLY for the life of the user.
    • Standard banner sizes and AdSense banner sizes.
    • Standard text unit sizes and AdSense text unit sizes.
    • Adjust the styling of text units to your liking or use the default.
    • Text-as-image concept banners that mimic the default AdSense style text units but as images.
    • Affiliate software and code are maintained by our own oxuro who has done an outstanding job.
    • Support is provided to affiliates.

    Free Proxy Hosting

    Sign up for the affiliate program, then send e-mail to and mention your affiliate username to get a personalized coupon for 1 free month of proxy hosting. This only applies if you are coming from a different hosting company.

    Sign Up or Get More Info

    Click Here for More Info

    Click Here to Read the Rules

    Click Here to Sign Up

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