Kiwidia is a new network of blogs, we have just finished the initial launch of our premiere blogs: BloggerBear, CodingCow, GraphicsGecko & WritingWhale. So far, the traffic to the blogs has been good, although we don't have a reliable average because we have been online for 3 days.

There are 6 advert spots available on each blog. The sizes for the adverts are 125x125 pixels. You can see an example of adverts on each blog - they will be displayed in the sidebar on every page.

The Blogs
www.graphicsgecko.com - Avg 200 Uniques/Day
www.writingwhale.com - Avg 135 Uniques/Day
www.bloggingbear.com - Avg 100 Uniques/Day
www.codingcow.com - Avg 60 Uniques/Day

The price is just $2.00 per month for your ad. At that rate, you really have no reason not to buy an advert. We are working hard to produce unique content and get our name out there - rest assured, traffic will only increase.

Want In?
Feel free to contact me via PM if you have any questions, otherwise, head over to the Advertise page on the blog of your choice and hit the link that says Advertise Here.

Please note the stats that are on the advertise pages are new and only put online today therefore aren't reliable.