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Thread: [Wts] Cheap, Text Links!

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    Looking for an ad space? Look no further. At the Unofficial Rock Band Forums, we'd be more than happy to keep your links up. Why, might you ask?

    - Inside the top 500,000 rankings in Alexa
    - We average over 1500 visits/month.
    - Your Ad is placed where everyone will see it
    - You get a one-way Linkback
    - Discounts for bulk purchases (in 6 months, 12 months)

    Pricing (in USD):
    - Only $1/month
    - $5.10 for 6 months adspace (15% Discount)
    - $9.00 for 12 months adspace (25% Discount)

    Prices are subject to go up without notice, so hurry up and puchase now! Payments can be made through PayPal. I will not give mine out publicly, so please PM me if interested. So come check us out! Links are positioned right under our header, so every member on our forum will be able to see and go into your website, so apply today!
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    Updated to current statistics.

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    Is it a sitewide link? If so let me know. I'll take a month.

  5. I may be interested once I see some feedback
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