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Thread: The "$50k Online Money Per Month" Thread

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    Congratulations on reaching this milestone! This thread is really inspiring.

    Which theme are you using on the visit Bali blog?

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    Congrats! I started using James's service about 6 weeks ago.

    Love the social bookmarking featue (paid the extra to eliminate the long timer). Definitely need to take better advantage of the article directory service though for the rest of the summer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loko View Post
    Congratulations on reaching this milestone! This thread is really inspiring.

    Which theme are you using on the visit Bali blog?
    Thank you Loko... glad that it is inspiring you!

    I'm using the theme regarding luxurious villas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by javanx3d View Post
    Congrats! I started using James's service about 6 weeks ago.

    Love the social bookmarking featue (paid the extra to eliminate the long timer). Definitely need to take better advantage of the article directory service though for the rest of the summer!

    Good for you! James Stein's system is indeed awesome!

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    Below is just a review of what I would do differently or the same if I started a new blog from scratch, after learning how to do earn money with my blog for the past 1.5 years:

    1. Write with passion

    If you wanna make money by blogging, passion is the keyword. I love writing and my passion is personal finance or money and the economy. At some point after you do some marketing, somebody somewhere will become your loyal reader. I learned it the hard way that without passion you will lose your readers. What I did was what I shared above in this thread, I had somebody else from India write about the same thing that I write myself and as they were only "paid" writers, often times what they write is just garbage. When my readers started to leave nasty comments on the blog, I knew it was time to stop and "fire" them. As soon as I took over and wrote again myself, my traffic went back up.

    2. Juggle between content writing and marketing

    A part of the reason why it takes so long to reach this milestone (4-figures a month) is that I have only been focusing on writing fresh content everyday. It can be very exhausting to do so and once you're finished writing, you don't feel like you want to do anything anymore. For some people it is not a problem though, they just write 3-4 articles a day almost with no effort.

    I learned from Will Spencer when I was in Singapore earlier this year that the thing between content writing and marketing can be tricky. If I concentrate mainly on content, even the best content won't get exposed if there is no marketing. But if I concentrate only on marketing, but there is no informative content for them that would also not be useful. So the only way to do it right is to do both simultaneously.

    The problem is that if you are like me, only a part-time blogger (because you have a day-job as well) content writing plus marketing at the same time can be really overwhelming and if you start up with a minimum budget, you can't either hire a writer or somebody to do the marketing for you. That was my dilemma when I started to blog for extra income.

    But now that I have learned, I would do it this way:

    I would focus the first month for writing articles daily... good articles with 600-1000 words. So after more or less 30 good articles on the blog, I will take a break for a week and focus on marketing. After the week is up, I would go back to writing more content once a day for another 30 days or so and then stop and focus on marketing again for another week. I would just keep doing this until at some point I would reduce writing every day for the blog and allocate more time and energy on marketing.

    Of course if you have all the time in your hand and have the money to invest or pay a service to do the marketing or writing part (if you wish) then it is better to do it simultaneously.

    3. Article Distribution and Social Network

    For each post that I have on the blog there is one main keyword. Using these main keywords, I write (or rewrite) one article which I spin and then distribute. So each distributed article will link back to each post according to the keyword. Spinning articles and then distributing it could take a lot of energy or time but if you can find tools that could help you get this done a little bit faster, that would be excellent. For me, James Stein's program is an incredibly helpful tool for me to get this done. But you probably have your own program that you have found yourself. So if that is already working for you, stick with it and make the best out of it.

    I start with the keywords by which my blog is found already in the search engines. I have Awstat installed in my server and there I can see using what keywords people actually find and arrive at my blog. I go through the list of keywords in Awstat and focus on strengthening the first keyword in the list. I create articles around this keyword and distribute the articles with the link to the post on the blog that contains that keyword. This post will then be posted on social bookmarks.

    I continue this using the same keyword until I see my blog actually rank in Google SERP page 1 as high as possible in the ranking for that keyword. When this happens, I continue using the next keyword in the list of Awstat. I do exactly the same thing: write articles around that keyword, spin it, distribute and submit to social bookmarks using that keyword.

    So I just keep doing it until I finally rank high for all the keywords already in Awstat and then move on with the keywords that I actually want my blog to rank for.

    3. Build a community

    As Seth Godin said, "Build a tribe!" and it does actually work. Luckily my partner is so into talking to people that they all follow him wherever he starts a community, whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or other networking places. Once you have a huge amount of loyal members of the community, whatever you write you will almost always get attention for your article from that community.

    It is even more powerful if you actually talk to your community and not just automatically feed them with news. This actually takes a lot of time but it is very much worth it. The best way to sell your article or product is by "selling yourself". They will pay attention to what you say not because of the article or the product but because they (think they) know YOU!

    4. Monetizing

    There are many kinds of advertising network that I am using to diversify my income source. Below is a list of the ads network that brings in the most income.

    - Google Adsense

    My favourite and top paying advertising network is Google Adsense. So far I noticed that the only location that works for me in all my blogs for my Google Ads is the top-right corner within each post and also the top left corner in the sidebar. Both using the large or medium rectangle. If the template has a third column in the middle or has two sidebars on the right side of the posts, the long sky scraper just in middle sidebar along the posts works also. I know that many have luck with other locations but these are the ones that always work for me.

    Also, what seems to work a lot for me is the advertiser filter in your Google Adsense account. (Almost) everyday I check if my income is good the previous day. When I notice a drop, I look at my blogs and see whether the ads that show up are either irrelevant or low-paying. There are some niches that I have found are ridiculously low-paying, these include (but not limited to) stock market/ trading, SEO, wordpress ads and others. I regularly jot down the URL of these advertisers that are irrelevant and/ or low-paying and paste it down to the "Competitive Filter" list in my Adsense account.

    The advantage of my niche is that the clicks I get can go up to $15 per click. At least I noticed once or twice that the average click that I get was worth $15. So anything that is irrelevant irritates me completely as they usually don't pay as high. Once I have these advertisers filtered, my income goes back up right the next day.


    Currently is second in list. Before, it was but since my blog's Google Pagerank dropped from PR4, Text-Link-Ads took me off the market (jerks! LOL). It has been easier to earn with Linkworth lately because they have now this Wordpress plugin which you can have the ads approved automatically everytime there is an advertiser requesting to place an ad. This has increased my income greatly.


    Before using I was using Although Kontera did generate clicks and income for me, Infolinks brought me way more. The clicks I get from Kontera pays indeed more than the clicks from Infolinks. However, I get more clicks from Infolinks than from Kontera which resulted in more income from Infolinks than from Kontera. So I decided that Infolinks was the winner!

    - Other advertisers

    To my surprise there are actually advertisers who contact me through the blog and request for ads placement on my blog. They pay something between $85 - $200 a year depending on the location of the ads, type of ads and on which page and so on. This doesn't seem much but if there are about 20 advertisers placing ads throughout the whole blog, that is $4000 a year already.

    The one way I discovered most of the advertisers find me and contacting me from is the directories that list do-follow blogs. Yes, all of my blogs are do-follows. I am crazy about having my readers talk to me and comment on my blog even if all they are interested in is to place their own link for backlinks. I have found that many of the comments are actually smart and informative. So I let them comment on my blog... with me strictly screening them before putting them live obviously.

    So I submitted my blog on all the directories that list do-follow blogs and oila! I don't only get comments but also interested advertisers.


    Chitika has been the source of my deepest grief the past month. This was my number 2 top paying ad network after Google. But then they recently implemented this new system where websites had to be in a Gold level or whatever it's called again to actually have exclusive advertisers that actually pays well. But in order to be in that Gold level it takes so much time and I haven't even been approved into that level after a little bit over 2 months. So my income dropped to only $5 a month! However, since I haven't found a replacement for Chitika yet, I am going to leave them on my blogs in the hopes that they will finally upgrade my level. Hopefully SOON!

    So. That is a little lesson that I learned for the past 1.5 years.
    Last edited by elishevadpw; 27 July, 2010 at 03:23 AM. Reason: adding more info on Google Adsense

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    Any updates?
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    Thanks for the great info. I'm using TLA on one of my sites and the income dropped when the PR dropped. How does Linkworth value your pages? Is it based on the traffic?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    How does Linkworth value your pages? Is it based on the traffic?
    LinkWorth lets you set prices manually.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
    I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

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    The main tasks is not as much easy as The banner sounds to. I have followed few of the methods and I got them really very difficult and with poor income. Now I am just confused to whether the process is not good or I am not on the track ? Anyway looking for really good and easy method too.

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    This thread is really an interesting one, I hope someone could join all of this to one good ebook!

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