So, just a poll of the general population. I have found the following with these two networks over the past year and didn't know if it was just me or not:

Ad Toll:
Cheap, pseudo-targeted traffic (ie no keyword, but you can pick the site/niche and country(ies). Does not convert at a great rate.

little more expensive, but hasn't converted at an awesome or even good rate for me. Permits keyword and geo-targeting

I'm sure I can get better at my ad creation, keywords, etc since I'm not at the ShoeMoney level...but the conversion rates for me on both of these are less than half of Google PPC for me on the same site.

I have started to list-build on the targeted URL's from the ads though to see if that is more effective in the past week. So far on a small sample size that has resulted in 1-2 sales on the intro email response for signing up...

Guess the bottom line question is, are these ad networks better used to list build and make the conversion on that end? Should I try to do that on Google PPC as well or will that be against some TOS line item I haven't read or don't recall?

Continuing the test on the other two for another few weeks to get some more substantial data, but thought I would throw it out there. I have not run Adbrite since they want scans of more personal data than I'm willing to give up to a company based out of the Middle East (they stopped just short of a DNA and blood sample ).