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Thread: Adsense Or CPA Offers

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    Smile Adsense Or CPA Offers

    halo ladies and gents,

    Here's one for you. No obviously adsense is used in many cases to build up value for a blog and flip it to gain immediate income and a hefty sum of money.

    But if you just create ads on theside of your page in a table format then link them to a cpa offer, instead of sending the clicks revenue somewhere else and getting a measly few cents, why wouldn't you just create your own ads slap a cpa offer and potentially convert the traffic at a much nicer figure thus creating more value for your blog?

    Any takers?

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    Well, AdSense vs CPA is a battle that has been waging for a long time.

    It comes down to your audience and niche. Let's say I make a blog about the xBox 360 - obviously I would want to get into Affiliate Marketing. I could link to various games for the console, accessories, etc. The people viewing my blog are likely to be interested in making a purchase, and those that are interested will be presented with relevant items that they need and want. If you're looking to open a site on say... 'seasonal allergies' there aren't many options for affiliate marketing there.

    Basically, you want to judge whether or not you can provide relevant affiliate marketing advertisements and whether or not your target audience would be interested in making a purchase. You really have to judge something like this on a case-by-case basis.

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    Adsense used to be the best, but since people are recognizing that they are just ads, people are clicking less I think. So CPA might be a better way to go, but as of now I'm still using Adsense.

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