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Thread: Adsense CTR Suddenly Dropped

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    Adsense CTR Suddenly Dropped


    I don't have a long term experience with adsense websites. But luckily, I had good CTR in my website since the day I publish ads on it (from last 3-4 months. The site (press release distribution). It was doing very well in google searches and was performing well with adsense too. I don't know why the CTR has dropped in the last two days. The SERPs, traffic and everything is the same as before. Enough page views enough users and etc, but still the CTR is very very low.

    What do you think about this? A normal thing? Do you also experience something similar?

    Any replies would be greatly appreciated.!
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    I would not be too concerned about two days worth of decline in clicks, especially if the traffic has not declined. I have good days and bad days with AdSense.

    Watch it for the next several weeks to see if this continues.
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    I getting the following message when I visit the site: "
    The website you are trying to view is currently experiencing difficulties, please try again later."

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    me showing contact support msg from host gator
    yesterday check was ok

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    I also got this message by visiting your website. Maybe you are using to much CPU...
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    Yup, got this message:
    The website you are trying to view is currently experiencing difficulties, please try again later...
    Source of traffic has typically been the cause of big CTR drops for me if the traffic levels have remained steady or increased.

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    It's redirecting to juzle dot com now

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    you can not always expect the same CTR through out the time rather than the balanced one. wait for some time explore the clear reasons for this.

  10. One factor that can affect CTR is the traffic source. The traffic that converts very well is the search engines while the traffic from social networks converts very poor. I experienced low CTR once when my site received a surge of traffic from Facebook when there were some readers who "like" one of my posts.

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