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Thread: Adsense Sucks - Which Affiliate to Use?

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    Adsense Sucks - Which Affiliate to Use?

    Hello friends,

    I am running a technology and telecom related blog for Pakistani audience. I understand that the earning per click from Pakistan is low but I dont understand that for 7 clicks I am earning something like 10 cents (from adsense).

    Please help me choose a better affiliate for Pakistani website.

    Thank you in advance.

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    We accept affiliates from Pakistan at Also, if you have a Twitter, you are welcome to try out TwtAd as an extra earner

  3. Another option is to use Popshops. They aggregate all the affiliate programs' product feeds.
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  4. For a big forum I run, we implemented our own advertising program, and were able to double our earnings (compared with adsense).
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    I guess with a big forum and plenty of traffic you can do this - advertisers will be glad to advertise with you. I wonder if you showed them your traffic stats, this would be a good way of persuading them to advertise with you.

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