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Thread: Affiliate Programs Worth Joining

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    What are some affiliate programs worth joining? Right now I'm only a member at hostgator to try to peddle some hosting off on people but would like to start earning more money

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    It depends on your niche or products, there are a multitude of routes you can take.

    If you're looking at "peddling" other hosting, information, or products, Commission Junction can be a decent affiliate. CJ often shells out decent commissions on their hosting programs.

    If you're interested in pay per click contextual advertising, I'd recommend Infolinks.
    Amazon's affiliate program isn't a bad way to go if you're up for selling products. Just be careful not to configure anything too spammy if you're running Adsense on the site.

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    I've never gone the affiliate route. What kind of margin are those typically paying? Is it pretty uniform or does it fluctuate wildly depending on the product?
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    I think it's best to promote an affiliate link that has nothing to do with making money online or anything shady such as weight loss (not that I follow my own advice).

    For sites where you are experimenting, Adsense can work well.

    Just match products to your site content that are outside of the shady niches and I think it should do ok.

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    You can try SportsBook (they have a casino section on the site to include poker). to sign up (no affiliate link there)...
    believe the parent company also manages Players Only and SuperBook.
    Good luck!

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    I typically see 3 to 4 x earnings per click for my affiliate sales vs adsense. I do not see a significant difference (for me) when I split test running adsense alongside the offers but I remove top/bottom article adsense blocks on posts that sell more than a few things for me too. Other CPA guru-types swear by no adsense at all though (I just haven't seen it).

    Time for testing again is coming up (I redo every 20 % increase in traffic), so will know more in about amonth.

    I think I bat about .100 on CPA offers working out though for the various ones I've tried out. But that 1 in 10 so far helps me not get too frustrated.

    WRT Amazon, I'll list the odd thing, but unless you're selling books, you can generally find other affiliate programs that make you more money. For ClickBank, think I've made enough to pay my German phone bill like twice with offers through there, but lots of other folks seem to have better success with them.

    Best of luck.

  7. I have by far had the best luck with Commission Junction.
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  8. i got better earnings in CJ especially when tripadvisor hotels/flights partners with them

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