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Thread: Any good ads for proxified pages?

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    Any good ads for proxified pages?

    i use smowtion at the momeny but they count very few imprs so i earn only a few bucks per month. anyone who know good ads (PPC/CPM/POPs ok) that pay via paypal? and also easy to get accepted into. Thanks.

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    Given the situation with Smowtion (...) I have been using Adbrite for some time but earnings are not good. They don't pay by PayPal either.

    Adversal might be an option, but according to their terms they require 50% or greater North-American traffic.

    I was rejected twice by xTendia, and they didn't reply when I asked for reasons. However, some people have managed to get in with proxies.

    So, in essence, I am also looking for better means of advertising on the proxified pages without resorting to surveys (e.g. CPA Lead).

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    Adversal seems to do great with Zash. He wrote a story about his online income with proxies where he actually tells Adversal did a great job along with Adsense etc. You should check it out!
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    Yep, Adversal is doing great, you just need to meet their traffic requirements, and to block (or at the least don't serve their ads to) at a minimum the following countries : China, Russia, and Iran

    I also use MediaShakers; with a good amount of high quality traffic their rates are very reasonable.

    Both can pay by PayPal; and MediaShakers is easy to get in to. Adversal is a little tougher sometimes to get in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyhound View Post
    MediaShakers pay on time?
    Only been late once (by like 2 days, and it may have been a holiday) in the 17-18 months I've been with them.

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    I never got accepted by snowmotion , hard to get accepted by any ad networks these days when you have a proxy
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    Quote Originally Posted by haynes11 View Post
    I never got accepted by snowmotion , hard to get accepted by any ad networks these days when you have a proxy
    You should always apply with a "vanilla" site to ad networks, not with a proxy.

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    Why i didn't receive any feed back from mediashakers for several days after i signed up?

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    MediaShakers was dead a long time ago.
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