One of the things that I have been doing recently--and offering to my clients--is newsletter marketing. Basically what you do is build an e-mail list and then, when you've got a product you want to sell, you send them an e-mail. There are a lot of websites and programs available to run the newsletter, but the one that I use is Aweber.

What sort of success have you had? If you've not used it, how come? I am a pretty big advocate for a newsletter for a few reasons.

  1. It brings people back to your site. Once they are subscribed to your newsletter, when you send them some e-mail, they are more likely to come back to your site.
  2. Since they are already subscribed, they trust you a little. This means that when you suggest a product for them to buy, they're more likely to buy it.
  3. It's another means of building community which, in the long run, will send a ton more traffic to you.

Not sure if that'll make you sign up for a newsletter. But, it's definitely something I've found to be a positive on my sites. Anyone else have an opinion?