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Thread: Anyone Use AlertPay?

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    Anyone Use AlertPay?

    Looks like some of my eCig affiliate companies are going to try out AlertPay after getting the cease order from PayPal in January. Any of you out there use it? I'm getting my checks just fine by snail mail now, but shifting to alertpay would get the dinero 3-5 days faster Unless there are horror stories out there, in which case I'll stick with the old-fashioned checks.
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    I have tried alertpay one for small payment didn't yet tried the alertpay to bank funda yet.

  3. I have an account in Alert pay but i don't have any experience the of transaction. If you have any then tell me. My account is verified last day. I am new user of alert pay.

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    Personally I use Alert pay for a few things after PP gave me the shaft and I like it so far.

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    I only used AlertPay because someone payed me $10 via it once for a service I did. I just spent it on random sites and haven't used it since.

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    Thanks for the feedback all...looks like Alert Pay is not a friend of ecigs either...the tobacco lobby is pretty strong. Guess it will be paper checks for those affiliate programs for me still.

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    no i have never try it. butt have heard about it.
    its good.

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    i use alertpay sometimes , but hardly anyone accepts it
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