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  1. Become an Guide?

    I looked into becoming a guide at just so I could spam links to my own web sites. That doesn't seem like a scalable strategy, but it seems to me that several of our members might be good candidates for guide positions.

    Take a look at the topics available at Be an Guide.

    Most importantly, here is the payment information:

    In addition to a base payment (guaranteed to be $675 per month for Guides in their first two years, with a minimum of $500 per month afterwards), pays Guides by measuring page view growth (month-over-month for Guides in their first year, and year-over-year every year after) with payment incentives for pageview growth. If your page views grow, you will never make less than $675 per month.

    On average, a Guide in his or her first two years will make $1,000 a month. The average Guide compensation is around $2,000 a month, and we have Guides who earn more than $100,000 a year.

    Guides in their first two years must publish four articles every month with gaps of no greater than 14 days between articles, and update their blog one to three times every seven days. We've found that these baselines help new Guides grow their sites (and their earnings) more quickly by establishing a strong base of content that will garner a lot of repeat visits.
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    There would be surge in number of applicants down to them :P so i will wait and apply

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