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Thread: Best AdSense Alternative?!

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    I tried adbrite (no I am not banned by adsense), and it fails to give even 50% impressions. Most of the times the ad block is empty with advertise here mark.

    Kontera and Infolinks are good for inline. I heard tribalfusion is good but getting a account is not easy.

    @farrhad do let me know how Chitika did ...

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    Nah, no one pays you as good as adsense, so no alternative. But after adsense its adbrite

    The idea doesnot have to be big. It just has to be yours

  3. I really can't even get my site to make money off of adsense, so there is not point in me switching, but if anything ever does go wrong with my adsense account, I guess I better move to AdBrite. Could someone explain the differences, or refer me to a site that they like to show them the differences?

  4. I had used AdBrite for a while, it helped me earn as much as I did with adsense but only if I did full page ads. For me all the other adbrite methods just didn't create any real revenue.

    I'm now finished with Adbrite and Adsense until I can figure out why Adsense doesn't work on my blog & forum. I wondering if my domain has been blacklisted.

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