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Thread: Which is the Best Pay Per Download Program/Site

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    Which is the Best Pay Per Download Program/Site

    Well you may have heard sites like easy-share, hotfile, the uploader for every 1000 downloads of a file.

    I'm trying to search for the highest paying site in this category as i'm planning to try this out as well. I've decided from where i'll be getting my downloads and 1000 downloads a day are assured as long as i spend atleast an hour.

    The normal pay range is about $1-3 for 1000 downloads, i'm looking for something higher.
    I need the site to be legit and to be able to Pay through Paypal.
    Any suggestions guys?

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    Try FileChip. They also pay you per thousand downloads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by factpile View Post
    Try FileChip. They also pay you per thousand downloads.
    This is the msg i get on trying to access
    Updating!Will come back in 4 days! 2009-11-22

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    Any help guys? you'll may have uploaded files on rapidshare, megashare, uploading, hotfile, etc...
    I just Wanna know which pays the most?

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  6. i've havent been paid to these pay per download sites.
    i've been doing this for months but after hotfile annouced their change of rules, i was discourage. and stop.

    megaupload is i think better.

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    I know 4 legit pay-per-download sites. pays $.20-.60 per download to most countries

    - pls. sign up under me ShareCash.Org - Make Money Uploading Files!

    - payment proof at

    I have just started with these 3 sites, i.e. no payment proof yet:

    1. - up to $.30 per download to a few countries. - LEGIT

    (no referral program)

    2. pays up to $.30 per download to a fewer countries. - LEGIT

    oh pls. use my referral link Registration

    3. pays $.23-.43 per download (rate depends on your tier, #of downloads) - says regardless of country your file earns. - START-UP COMPANY

    pls. use my referral link EnviroFILE - Help Yourself. Help The Planet. Home
    it expires in a week, i really don't understand how cookie-based ref links work.

    hope this helps


    fyi FileCashout is also a PPD, but I don't recommend them.

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    ShareCash is the most reputable one, out of the bunch. They do pay

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    I have tried several pay per download sites out there. I made an article here:

    Highest Pay Per Download Site

    You can check the details in my blog article. They pay from $0.5 to $1 per download.

    Do not try to use bitshare or sharecash... I am not saying they are scam, but I have not earn any from them.

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    is there any cap on dowloading size and please tell me what type of downloads we can get (music videos,shareware)

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