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Thread: Best Way to Monetize a Forum?

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    Best Way to Monetize a Forum?

    I plan on launching a brand new gaming website. It's a great idea, and I have a lot of brand new sections for the site - blog, forum, news reel, etc. I want to monetize the best I can on the site, and I would assume that because of all the content I will be getting a lot more pageviews from repeat visitors than brand new visitors. What is the best way to monetize a site like this, especially with a popular forum and blog area?

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    AdSense I would say.
    It's a pretty sure bet for most sites.

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    Yes, Adsense would be the best way to monetize. You can also sell banners to other gaming sites.

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    Sell advertising space directly to advertisers. Banners, buttons will work for forums.

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    I may try selling some ad space, although I don't know where I'll start on pricing but it seems like the best way to make money online. AdSense and other PPC networks haven't worked well with me and forums in the past, but that doesn't mean I can't try it again. I'll have to experiment and see

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    Depending on the gaming platform you could sell games via affiliate ads from vendors. Check for some possible vendors.

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    Adsense of course, also try linkbucks or viglink to monetize outgoing links
    remember a popular community can be monetized in a thousand ways.

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    I have figured out that as long as the website and community gains a lot of views and visitors, you can make money any way! I am thinking of renting out some ad space and charging directly, but we'll have to see what happens

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    The best way to monetize it is through Google Adsense or any ad networks that are legitimate, and also you can sell ad spaces to some advertisers on a monthly basis.
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  10. AdSense is a pretty lousy performer on forums, because of the ad blindness of return visitors. I use AdSense here on NetBuilders, but I don't show the ads to members who are logged in. I do that with the [ame=]AIN - Advanced Google AdSense[/ame] plugin for vBulletin.

    Will your community be about one game, or about a type of games? If it's about a type of game, you can use an affiliate program like Amazon Associates to promote new games as they are released.

    Depending upon the type of game, you can also promote accessories like game controllers, gaming chairs, video cards, etc...

    ClickBank also has a large number of gaming-related eBooks which you can promote. Or, you might create your own eBooks and sell them as premium content.
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