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    Canep Media

    How's Canep Media? Anyone have success with it? Any reviews?

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    No, i'm not join to canep media but just for information, after i'm looking the site, this is my review :

    - not too hard to join, i think easy to join to canep than join to adsense
    - it's international member available, so feel free to register there
    - rules and ToS, quite same with adsense --> basic guideline to be accepted, etc....

    Site design --> better than google adsense site

    But wait, i try to find some testimonial by googling. Using keyword "canep media testimonial" or "canep media payment proof" but there is less result. I think it's still new ppc company. My advice is, better to wait some testiomonial.

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    The Canep design isn't better than Adsense. I love simplicity .

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    Thanks for the reviews, I decided to not join them

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I have an account with them, i'm trying the network.

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