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Thread: Contrasting colors in Adsense ads.

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    Contrasting colors in Adsense ads.

    There's a line of thought that says you should create your Adsense ads. with colors that contrast with the text rather than blend with the text, as I'm sure you're all aware.
    Can we kind of have a vote on this, try to find out how many posters have contrasting colors and how many have colors that blend?
    Might be useful for someone who can't decide, there's so much conflicting advice about this.

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    I'd love to see this discussion take shape as well. On a personal note I've only had success with blended ads, but my definition of success is about $60 per month which isn't a big enough sample to make any conclusions, and when I tried contrasting ads my income was roughly the same, perhaps a little less but it was also a different month with different keyword traffic so isn't a good comparison.

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    I believe as long as the adsense block is matching the theme / template be it in blended or contrast design, it will attract click.. CMIIW..

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    Though I have not put this into practice out of shear laziness and the fact I am doing ok with blended I have seen many sites ranked 5k or better in Alexa and they seem to use both on a page. A couple blended and one that sticks out like a sore thumb yelling I am an ad. Not sure if this so people will click away from those ads and hit others or what the reason is. Others like Tech-Faq use bright colored titles on the ads which makes them stand out maybe to get the attention of ad blind people. Whatever the reason this is working for Will as he is making money with his set-up.

    So in short there is no right answer. You need to tinker around and find what works on your site. Location, color and sizes. Trial and error is the only real answer

    Good Luck

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Bill View Post
    So in short there is no right answer. You need to tinker around and find what works on your site. Location, color and sizes. Trial and error is the only real answer
    I concur 100%. Different color strategies work well in different niches.
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  6. One of the highest ctrs I had on a site where I used several different colorful adsense ads rotating. Lately I'm starting to think that having ads blend in too much might not be a good thing.

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    I have sites both ways and can not tell a difference on CTR.

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    For content sites I think they should be blended into the page (i.e. sidebar, header, any other place you decide to put them). However, you should place contrasting ads at the bottom of an article (because once readers finish reading, they have noting else to do and will look for what to do next).

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