I was thinking of finding a nice affiliate product - though I'm not entirely sure yet. I'm not planning on anything stupid like Acai or whatnot. Maybe one of those 'make money packages' or 'insurance.' While I realize that these niches are pretty saturated, I was trying to think of a few ways to make at least a small profit using them.

So I went to Facebook and decided to refresh the page until I found an ad about something relevant. I stumbled upon this: hxxp://news4online.net/

What if I developed a site like that? Obviously much more presentable and legitimate-feeling, but still attractive enough to lure people in! I could try advertising it in some places and finding relevant people, and then I started thinking about running a nice PPC campaign or something of the like. I can find targeted people who are interested, bring them to my site, and then hopefully reel in some cash.

Would this work? What sort of hitches can I expect to encounter in a plan like this?

Thank you.

P.S. I'm not looking at this plan to make thousands or anything, you know?
Just thought that maybe it would be a nice way of putting in a bit of effort and getting some money in return.