Many publishers and advertisers employ Google AdSense for contextual advertising. For the most part, a user only needs to insert the relevant code, and AdSense serves up pertinent advertisements based on the site’s page content. This works well for sites with a wide range of content – it would be quite inconvenient to hand-pick advertisements for every one of the website’s pages.

If your website, however, is quite niche-oriented (with a reader or visitor base anticipating related subjects for every post, it is possible to boost your revenue drastically with CPA, by choosing cost per action advertisements that target your reader. In brief, CPA means that you will not be paid per click, but by the action that a visitor initiates after the click (such as if a user makes a consequent purchase).

CPA advertising works by referring a visitor to a particular website, after which they buy a certain service or product for which you are given a set percentage. Many CPA programs, for example, refer a person to a subscription. That person subscribes and pays a fee, of which you get a substantial amount.

Here are some networks that have the potential to augment your monetization dramatically:

Amazon Associates

Promoting Amazon is quite lucrative, as a considerable number of Internet users are on the lookout for something to buy. The company (using a 1-day cookie) offers a commission of a few percent to a site owner, based on the shipped quantity. There are various ways of utilizing this service and turning traffic into profit.

One of the features that Amazon has is the MP3 widget. One can actively cull albums and songs from a DRM-free list for promotion to your users. A couple of other notable features from the service are the Carosel Widget and UnBox.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a big player in the CPA advertising market. They have Dell and Apple among their advertisers, and companies from virtually any imaginable niche.

Once Commission Junction accepts your application, one has to manually request to work with advertisers. These advertisers will then scrutinize the quality of your site before choosing to opt to work with you. The investigation process, in my opinion, connotes the class of prospective advertisers who will take you in.

eBay Partner Network

Unbeknownst to many, the longstanding Internet giant can provide an impressive affiliate marketing program to qualified site owners. A visitor that clicks on your eBay link gets a 7-day cookie. If the user purchases anything within the next week, an owner a considerable percentage of the final value fee per product.

The most convenient way to incorporate the Partner Network service into your site is probably the eBay toolkit. This implement provides features such as custom displays, geographic targeting, and RSS feeds. Some owners, however, have experienced low CTRs with the toolkit, as many visitors avoid clicking on ads that scream ‘eBay!’

You can resolve this issue by furthering development or obtaining the free PhpBay Wordpress Plugin version. This tool reconfigures the RSS feeds into a more aesthetically pleasing format. A user who needs more could purchase the premium variant for additional functionality.

The EPN service pays through Direct Deposit or PayPal.


Who doesn’t know about iTunes? Linkshare works with the iTunes affiliate program, among other esteemed ones. With a one-year cookie, a solitary click on the affiliate link renders a good percentage for the owner from any product or service the user buys for the next 365 days.

Simply put, think of all the people who have an iPhone or iPod. One visitor purchases something at X amount of money – you, the website owner, receive a decent percentage of X. Now, multiply X amount by the hypothetical number of purchasers. The sum is your potential windfall.

Neverblue Ads

Neverblue is one of the more notable midlevel CPA service providers. They function under a different kind of promotion than what you would find with the larger providers. Here, you will identify some promotions in the realm of auctions, dating, insurance, online education, ringtones, and the like. If visitors to your site are inclined toward such niches, then working with Neverblue may be worth your time and effort.

The results that you can get with CPA advertising depend on your specific niche and market. CPA does not mean success for all website owners across the board. International traffic may be wasted in many of these networks, as you have to select a country or location for promotion. Look for other means to advertise, unless you utilize some form of geographic targeting.

In addition, you can only reap profits if visitors who click on the ads act afterwards. Some audiences click on AdSense ads, thus getting you paid without these people having to actually purchasing anything. Investigate and find out if your audience falls into this class.

Finally, many networks that provide CPA advertising need to inspect your site’s quality, as well as location, before approval. A bit of a double-edged sword here, as it may be difficult to obtain the ‘thumbs-up’ from these advertisers. If your site does get the green light, however, working with CPA may be one of your better options for boosting revenue.