CPM Alternatives to AdSense

There are many capitalization challenges facing today’s Internet content publishers. One of these obstacles is that sites featuring modern media as the majority of their content do not profit from AdSense as much as traditional sites that are reliant on written articles.

Many CPM options are better suited to video content publishers than the PPC alternatives. Some sites are better suited for this type of monetization as compared to AdSense.

Impression-driven publishing networks such as these have existed for quite some time, while the more recent ones have just entered the market and demand less in terms of traffic requirements.

How much a publisher can earn from CPM depends on the target market, as well as the number of unique page views or visitors every month. Relatively new media publishers can garner higher revenue from CPM rather than from AdSense.

Some CPM Providers (and their traffic requirements)

Ad Dynamix

Ad Dynamix does not have a traffic requirement to work with a site or publisher. Their service is not that intuitive when compared to AdsDaq. The marginal traffic required by the service renders it accessible to smaller or newer sites.


AdsDaq also has no requisites for site traffic. The service can show backup advertisements from any network, and as such makes them a decent option for owners who want to gauge how they will fare in the CPM industry. Note that the AdsDaq system’s reach extends only to particular countries.


AdTegrity’s site requirements involve 500,000 monthly page views. While their layout aesthetic may leave much to be desired, the aptly named AdTegrity is fast becoming a well-known name in the industry of advertising networks due to their high-quality service.


Advertising.com requires a hefty 2 million page views monthly. A bastion of online publishing, the high entry standard implies that they only work with large, popular websites.

Burst Media

Burst Media necessitates 20,000 page views monthly. What possibly prevents this mid-level advertising publisher from hitting the big time are some of the kinks in the company’s system. The complex reports and integration process, coupled with lackluster customer service are some of the hindrances they, and their clients, currently encounter.


Brightroll requires a lofty 250,000 page views and 100,000 video views every month. Brightroll, as well as Video Egg, are the advertising publishers on this lineup whose emphasis is on new media. This publisher’s requirement on video views shows their advanced classification.

Casale Media

Casale Media has a site traffic requisite of 10,000 distinct visitors monthly. This publisher’s intermediate status is well suited to sites at the same level. If your site is currently mid-level, they can work with you, even up to the time that your site becomes bigger. This makes Casale Media a good CPM provider for the long term.

CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive needs a site to garner 10,000 monthly page views. An upstart in the field of online advertising, they provide decent integration systems and precise reports. The traffic requirement alone does not guarantee that the provider will work with you, as a site has to go through a stringent approval procedure as well.

Morning Falls

Morning Falls needs a site to gather 10,000 monthly page views. The comparatively small requirement for traffic, convenient integration, easily comprehensible reports, and good customer service renders the publisher suited for CPM greenhorns.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion has a traffic requirement of 60,000 distinct visitors monthly. Success with this CPM publisher also depends on the client’s niche market. The provider works with a large number of sites traversing a broad spectrum of categories.

Value Click

Value Click requires a modest 3,000 monthly page views. Although the service has a low page view requirement, the application process is quite strict, and approval is not always a sure bet.

Video Egg

Video Egg’s requires a site to have a whopping 10 million video views monthly. The publisher’s emphasis is centered on online video advertising.

In Conclusion

Close up, a new media site that has nurtured a large, stable number of viewers shows that AdSense’s current reputation is arguably undeserved. Study other advertising networks and promotion methods while your site grows, as it could benefit from a variety of monetization types at different stages.


Running a site that attracts raw traffic (with over 100,000 monthly impressions) would work well with CPM advertising. If your site, for example, is a financial blog (or another site that has returning or social traffic); you would have better chances at success with affiliate marketing, PPC, or direct advertising to make good money on the Internet.

Broadly, interstitials such as pop-ups or ads that span an entire page are just some kinds of ads that make the largest profit. Consider your site’s reputation, however. You may endanger your viewership with ads like these and not make that much money in the first place.