How it works?
Members join The Customer Advantage for free.

Each day the member is sent an offer from a local business such as Restaurants, Spas, Automotive, Department Stores, Hotels, Salons, Car Care, Car Repair, Health Clubs, Chiropractic, Clothing Stores, Massage, Karate Clubs, Training Centers, and much more. . or any merchant imaginable to provide a product or service at a substantial discount, typically in the range of 30 to 70% off normal prices and you get them just for being a free member.

If the member wants to take advantage of the offer, they simply purchase the coupon that is being offered. The business gains new customer traffic and potential sales volume and the member gets a great deal.

It’s aZero Cash Risk Service to advertise business.The network marketing component of the business is built around the personal referral of new members. An important area of marketing is called word-of-mouth marketing, which relies on the added credibility of person-to-person communication, a personal recommendation.
When a member joins The Customer Advantage they are given a replicated website for the purpose of soliciting new member enrolments. When the personal referral of the member makes a purchase, the referring member receives 5% of that purchase. The member will also receive a 5% override commission on all members in their downline through 5 generational levels. When a member enrols a local business, they will receive 2% commission on all sales made through the offers made by that local business.

Because of the commissions being paid out to subscribers – they are that much more motivated to support and respond to local businesses that are promoting through The Customer Advantage program.

Check out thecustomeradvantage, watch the videos so you know what the company is truly offering YOU and you can make your choice to join. It’s very simple to setup a campaign.

Deals are amazing!!! Everybody Wins!!! Membership is free!!!