Hello everyone.

I am thinking of trying to start producing a revenue with my make money online blog by directly contacting individuals, businesses and organizations that might be interested in purchasing advertising space on my blog. However, I'm a little uncertain about two things:

1. How much should I charge?
2. Do you have any recommendations regarding places I could contact?

Right now, I have several advertising slots available:
1. 125x125 Ad Slot
2. In-Content (appears in the top-right of every post) 300x250.
3. Middle-Ad - appears on the homepage beneath the first piece of content listed. (468 x 60)
4. Footer-Ad - appears in the footer on all pages. (468 x 60)

Right now, I have 2, 3 and 4 filled with just affiliate banners. But, I'd at least like a range of what I could charge for these slots. Obviously, I'm not expecting anything too high. I'm just not sure what to expect at all. :P

Any help is greatly appreciated!

P.S. Maybe I'll give free advertising to whoever can help me the most. :P