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Thread: Do You Need To Bring Something New To The Table To Make Money?

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    Do You Need To Bring Something New To The Table To Make Money?

    What do you think?

    Is rehashed information and methods OK or do we need to involve our own creativity to make money?

    I personally think that there are a lot of people online that copy and replicate what they learn like robots which may be the way to go while others keep researching and not taking action.

    But if you are innovative/creative, surely you will do better than the masses, maybe?

    Innovate or replicate?

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    Copy the best. It doesn't mean you actually replicate, it means you are taking the best ideas from others when setting up a new project. Inventing takes time, and needs time to be proven working. Couple of my projects failed due to this.

  3. I tend to the side of creativity over replication, but a good compromise strategy for efficient growth might be a combination. I agree with tetrapak about taking best ideas from others. If you can combine the "cream of the crop" into something new you're already doing something creative while still replicating to some extent. Also, even when we're creative we stand on the shoulders of other people.

    Having unique content of my own does make me happier though.

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