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Thread: Does chitika allow proxies

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    Does chitika allow proxies

    Hello I have just signed up with chitika but don't know they allow ads in proxies? I mean both front page and proxified pages. Thanks,

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    any help? also, does chitika allow a same ad script in different websites? like adsense does. thanks.

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    Have you opened a ticket here already?

    |Nico Lawsons

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    no i didn't submit a ticket there. you know they don't reply fast. so i came here to leave a post with my questions

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    I have no idea if they allow proxies, but, Chitika only shows ads to visitors that are referred to your site from a search engine. So if you've got a ton of organic search visitors (and it's allowed on proxies) then it will be good for you. If you're visitors aren't coming from search, then they will not be shown ads. And as such it will obviously do no good on proxified pages since they'd never be referred there via search.

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