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Thread: "Dumbest" Target Audience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    I haven't read it. My miserly impulses derive from a several factors:
    • Growing up poor
    • Wasting the first $1M I earned
    • A real lack of interest in the crap most companies are selling
    I grew up poor also. I remember at one time we had no food and I was eating spaghetti with ketchup. I really learned the value of a dollar while growing up.
    If people dont think there is poverty in 1st world countries, they are totally watching too much Television!

    Ebenezerscrooge was also my favorite character while growing up along with Scrooge McDuck. Also Mr.Burns from The Simpson's also was right up there.

    Yeah you should read that book (remember you can download it as PDF on the page ) its quite entertaining also intelligent. The writers back then wrote quite better with a extinguished vocabulary. All the stories mentioned in that book are real life accounts of people living between 1600 - 1800 in Europe. Any street names and place mentioend in the book you can Google them up, some of the still exist today. So you also learn some great history.
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    old people ofc :P mums looking for cooking recipes for example

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