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Thread: Earn Through Pop-ups

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    Earn Through Pop-ups


    If you own a website that is getting over 500 unique visitors a day please contact me through private message. The private message must include your email as well as your paypal email, how many unique visitors you get per day, as well as your sites url. If you are accepted which you most likely will be, you will enter a short code to your website that will open a popup once per 24 hours. Payments are made by paypal every week on sunday if your balance exceeds the minimum $5. If you have any questions please contact me via private message. Hurry up and apply because the first 5 people who get accepted will get a $5 bonus in their first payment.


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    Why not just give the url of you company?
    Let us go there and decide if you are on the up and up?

    I for one would not be giving out my paypal email willy nilly to an unknown person.

    Just by reading your post, this does sound like some scam.

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    Exactly. What are the rates you're offering per 1000 popups btw?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    iowadawg, I'm not releasing my url for two reasons. One I don't have the website's design completed. Second I don't want my site to be spread just yet. I want to get publishers first.

    Aquarezz the rate is fairly low its about $0.25 per 1000. As the site grows I plan to give higher rates every once and a while.

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    i dont like pop up ads, they get really annoying and put me off using some sites which use them.
    Kayls-Most Haunted Forum Admin

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    Thats why it only shows once per 24 hours. That way when the user comes back they dont get another until the next day.

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    Pop up info

    What is the design of the pop up going to look like? Sometimes they are so distracting that people get turned off. If you are not looking to give your url just yet, how about a design peek of the banner(s) you have in mind?
    vps hosting and free nda at your fingertips when needed.

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    When I see a pop up in a website. 99% of the time, I close the browser and don't return anymore to that site.


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    I won't like to place pop-up ads with my blog.Its ruins my brand image.
    and weichen , you need the website to offer to these kind of service

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    ya pops are always anony ppl but it actual earn quite well. i like edomz at the moment, coz adversal require a lot of US traffic but edomz doesn't.

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