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Thread: eBay Income Results

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    eBay Income Results

    So far for March:

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    Whats that?
    I posted it as an example of what to expect from eBay earnings as an affiliate. You can see what kind of revenue you might get per click. The Earnings are in UK £ and now the exchange rate is around $1.6 to £1.

    You can see that the earnings per click are low, but eBay feeds let you easily generate good looking product pages. You would probably make more with Adsense, but then you have to have quality content to go along with it. I'm thinking about radically expanding the number of eBay product pages I have since it is easy to do.

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    I have been an eBay partner for many years, but it looks like I am going to have to dump them. My click-throughs are higher than yours and the EPC average for each site has been around $0.13 (currently about .08 British Pounds) ever since they went to the Quality Click Pricing program. When they moved to that program and eliminated sales commissions, my earnings dropped precipitously.

    During the month of March I was earning click commissions until March 16 when they went to zero. I was still sending hundreds of users to eBay, but they stopped paying commissions.

    I contacted eBay and received a BS form letter response indicating that nothing in their program has changed and my 'reduced' commissions were likely due to lower quality traffic. My question wasn't regarding reduced commissions. It was about all earnings for all sites dropping to zero since the middle of the month. The EPCs were reduced, but that doesn't explain why the earnings went to zero.

    Most eBay sellers (I have been one for 10 years) have a very negative opinion of eBay's constantly changing rules and fees--and for good reason. eBay can adjust fees and affiliate commissions at any time just to add to their income. At times the company appears to be run by complete idiots who do not understand the nature of their business. The average selling fees at eBay have climbed to a combined total of 14% to 18%, including listing fees, selling fees and PayPal fees (they own PayPal). Most new sellers make the mistake of not looking at the combined total costs for selling products and then they fail to make money.

    For anyone thinking about joining the eBay affiliate program, all I can say is that you should not expect to make a lot of money doing it.

    What Andy is showing you here is accurate, but it also accurately shows that you are not likely to make a lot of money with the eBay affiliate program.
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    I noticed that they reduced my EPC (Earnings Per Click) to zero towards the end of last month, just as I was thinking that this was another viable revenue stream. I will likely stick with it for a few months since I am adding the content on supplemental pages to blogs. But in any case, circa $0.13 epc for targeted traffic sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    But in any case, circa $0.13 epc for targeted traffic sucks.
    That has been a problem ever since they went to the new commission program. I am playing email message tag with one of their customer service people who is still not addressing my question. He keeps touting the company line about the quality of the clicks. I finally sent him a copy of the chart to see if he can explain why there were no earnings for the last half of the month. I suspect that they are making EPC adjustments in the middle of the month and then showing zero earnings until a new lower EPC averages out with the numbers that they reported for the first half of the month. The fact is that nothing has changed with my sites for the past couple of years and EPC has always been around $0.13. I wan't making a lot of money with eBay, but they just cut that in half.

    eBay's Quality Click Pricing is based upon winning bids and not bids. While we can influence the quality of traffic sent to eBay, we can't influence the number of winning bids unless we filter out all of the auctions and only display links to Buy It Now offerings.

    The eBay program was a lot better when they paid actual sales commissions.
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    Having browsed the EPN affiliate forum, I see that there are plenty of people peeved at having very low or no earnings, even when they thought that they generated some 3 digit sales. Motors seems to be particularly bad.

    And now EPN are late releasing a new version of the RSS feed since it's riddled with bugs. And, all the guys with BANS sites and utilizing the existing feed, are in a state of confusion as to what they should do.

    I think it's crazy of them to make your EPC zero when you are sending them 100's of clicks. If they can't monetize the clicks then they have a problem. Also, with zero EPC it's not possible for us to optimize our pages/campaigns since there is no useful data to go by. If I double the CTR I get 2x0 = 0

    One guy with a network of sites tried out EPN and found the EPC worse than even the crappiest of contextual Ads solutions.

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