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    Visitors that find your site through a search engine eventually leave your site by hitting the "back" button. The question is, are you making money from this exit traffic?
    ExitJunction lets you tap into your site's potential like never before!
    Join the ExitJunction program and gain access to all the necessary tools needed for you to make money from your exit traffic. Earn high eCPM rates!

    Now you can get paid for serving invisible ads! Your site ad space remains untouched and you can continue using your current ad-providers on your site, except now you will have an additional revenue stream!
    ExitJunction is the only program that monetizes 100% of your traffic. That's right! You get paid even for your international traffic! Whether you have traffic from the United States, Australia, China or India, ExitJunction will pay for it all!
    ExitJunction offers even more ways to earn money! Refer other publishers to the ExitJunction network and get paid 10% of their earnings for life! It's that easy!

    Signup by clicking the link in my signature please! This is great for proxy owners, but even better for sites like Tech-Faq, as they are find a lot in Google, and there is more chance of people clicking the 'back' button

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Yep, I heard this on DP, it's looks great !
    Nice member's id, 1337 (leet)

    Thanks for sharing, I had completly forgotten about them (now bookmarked)

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    I have signed up for this, and got my site approved. Do you guys know how to implement this in a Wordpress site?


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    You need to open 'Header.php' from your template, and add it between the <head> tags...

    Should work, as it does with me

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Alright. Thanks for the help

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    It is good for proxies however only for your main page.
    There is no way people can get to your proxified page from SE unless you let the SE bot crawling on your proxified pages.

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    How well do they pay on clicks? I have just implemented it on my site.

    Its working pretty good, since I am picking up on SE traffic!
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