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Thread: Finding Direct Advertisers for you site

  1. Finding Direct Advertisers for you site

    Basically if you have a blog or a niche site with good traffic one of the most profitable ways of monetizing it could be by finding direct advertisers.

    This is what shoemoney and other top bloggers do, they usually have some advertising page through which a visitor can contact them about purchasing an ad, or you can also contact potential advertisers directly and offer them to buy ads on your site.

    Has anyone tried this, how are the results?

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    It's what I mostly did when I used to sell proxy email blasts. I searched for the keyword proxy on DP and just PM all the people that once bought an email blast from someone. Ofcourse I told them that it wasn't spam, they can go ahead and remove it right away and sorry if I wasted their time. But I'm sure that almost 80% gave a response and 3/4 of all people bought a spot

    Works VERY good IMO.
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    I try to sell direct ads on Guard Tunnel for several reasons:

    a) I know exactly what the ads are, so no worries of malicious/inappropriate ads.
    b) I get payment beforehand, and I know exactly what I'm getting (With ad networks, you can never be sure).
    c) I can control the size of the ad. I usually limit them to 30KB, which is smaller than some networks' ads.
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    I haven't tried it yet but I will and I believe it can be very successful

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    Finding direct advertisers is not an easy task.
    Luckily, one of my 10 websites is too nice so they find it themselves.
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    I think it's much better to be working all with your own money, as opposed to going through some ad network. It is interesting to compare the two, but overall I have to give credit to direct advertising if you can pull it off.

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    It's a bit like link building in some ways - You can draw in advertisers naturally when your site gets high search engine positions and traffic, but contacting them through a network or directly will get results faster

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    I believe that Shoemoney's plan for Local Affiliate Marketing is a more profitable way of monetizing. One of the problems of direct advertising is that there are already a lot of sites like etc. as well as ppc.

  9. some are just blogging while some 125x125 ad space has "your ad here".
    some webmaster will just email and some just wanted to exchange links.

    but definitely, it will work.

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    Direct advertising is one of the best ways to monetize a website. Just my opinion of course.

    But consider this: You sell 5 ad spots on your website (125x125 button), and you charge $100/ad. You will make $500/month. Make five websites like this, and you will earn $2.5K/month.

    Of course, you would need high traffic website to do this. No one is going to buy ads from low traffic website.

    And its not that hard to find advertisers. You just have to know how. Don't wait for them to find you. That is just not going to happen, exept if you are on "make money online" niche. Though it is good to have "advertise with us" page on your website.

    This is the way I make money from info websites. Works pretty well.

    Less parties involved = more money to you.
    In other words: Screw ad networks!

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