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    food and recipes


    I have a recipe page that gets many thousands of visitors a day, and has done for ages - but have never had much success in making money on it - usually less than $10 a day, often less than $5.
    Adsense gets a low CTR, amazon books don't sell, neither do related clickbank books, and I never found an affiliate product that worked either.

    Has anyone made money off recipe sites? Any suggestions how?


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    Ever looked into for the different recipes different cookware, serving ware, glasses, wine rack type, measuring glasses, knives etc.? would somehow have to show relevant product based on the keywords for the page.

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    Its mostly just one page, but visitors come from all over - esp US and UK - and no particular product seems appropriate. Books were a complete failure!

    Amazon do quite a lot of related products but different in the UK and US so I could try them, with geotargetting - but people seem to want to look at a recipe rather than buy anything! Knives etc I never tried, might be worth a shot.

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