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Thread: Free Hosting Services

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    Free Hosting Services

    I am planning to start a free hosting service. I think its really a good niche and will bring you money if you do it properly.

    So can anyone give me some tips on how to do this?
    As for everything, How do you get people to sign up for free hosting?
    Then how to monetize it?

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    yeah that for sure a good nich and it is very competitive as well; However, Actually for doing this first you have to make ur site so that people can sign there up. I guess you can get some of the good premade site wear like MyBB forum.

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    I am not even finding a way to monetize/promote it.
    any idea?

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    There are many ways to promote/monetize a free hosting community but you have to be wise to turn that traffic / audience into a profit.

    Here's some ideas on how to promote:
    Forum Signature link on related forums
    Free web hosting directories

    And how to monetize:
    Adsense on a P2H forum
    Affiliate marketing (using the emails you collect from your users once they signup)
    Premium services
    Sponsorships of some sort.

    etc etc

    I have been the administrator of a free hosting community and I can tell you that it is pretty hard to turn a profit out of it but once you know how to it can be profitable.. Basically, be prepared to lose money for a long while before making any.

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