Fulfillment by Amazon seems like a pretty interesting program and a possible alternative to drop shipping from the manufacturer in some instances.

Here's how it works:

  1. You send products to Amazon
  2. Amazon stores your products
  3. Customers purchase your products
  4. Amazon picks and packs products
  5. Amazon ships products to customers

Or in narrative format:
"With this innovative service, you send inventory directly to Amazon where it is stored and managed in a secure, climate controlled facility. When orders are received, Amazon will professionally pick, pack and ship the product directly to your customer.

Amazon.com processes millions of orders a year while consistently ranking as one of the most trusted and highest customer satisfaction rated e-commerce companies. To maintain this unique combination, we have developed one of the most advanced online order processing and fulfillment operations in the world. From the advanced web-to-warehouse high-speed picking and sorting system to our complete shipping carrier integration, Amazon's technology results in your customers getting what they ordered, when they ordered it.

Whether you're considering just a few items and shipments a week or millions of products and orders per year, you can put Amazon's expertise and experience to work for your business with Fulfillment by Amazon."
It's difficult to trust anyone with large volumes of your product. But if you can't trust Amazon, who can you trust?