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Thread: Game over for Global Interactive and canep Media?

  1. Game over for Global Interactive and canep Media?

    I used Global Interactive last year to show CPM ads on my proxies. Never had trouble with payments until a few month ago.
    They changed the website and removed the old backend.

    They didn't respond to any mail I send them.
    Actually I'm still waiting for my money ?

    A similar story about canep media, they promised a last payment until the end of march 2010 and now the shoutdown the site without paying the money.
    Is there anyone in contact with these people?

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    I remember last year at some point when i tried to get into their advertising programs, only to never receive any type of response, even back then.

    Its frightening how these companies can just shutdown and fail to make outstanding payments.

  3. In case of canep media they posted an announcement that they will pay any outstanding commission at the end of march, but they never did

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