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I was reading about an excellent way to make some money and I thought I'd share with the wonderful people at NetBuilders. If you like playing games and making cash then you can now do it at the same time!

How It Works
When game companies come up with a new game, they need to figure out if there's any "bugs" or errors that they would need to correct before putting the game out on the market. That's where you come in. These game companies are always looking for young and adventurous people to play these games and tell the company what they thought of it. In addition to getting paid, you generally get to keep a copy of the game you played as well.

Who To Call
To get in contact with the big gaming companies, all you have to do is go to their websites. You can easily look it up online: just search for "play games for cash" or something equivalent. I'm sure there's hundreds, if not thousands of opportunities for you to discover dealing with making money by playing games. Work doesn't have to be a slave round, it can be fun. All you have to do is find the right thing that you're interested in: and people, I'm telling you now, for every interest out there, there's a skill that can make you millions if you angle it right.

Apparently, BringIt.com offers a way to play games and challenge your opponent to wager on the game. Take Call of Duty, for instance (I have no idea if BringIt.com offers Call of Duty, btw, I'm just saying). My friend and
I used to play for hours at a time on a special game mode which allows each of you to hide around buildings and pick different weapons with different special abilities. I forgot what the mode is called, but it was awesome to play. Anyway, he'd always go up in the towers where I couldn't find him and then he'd snipe me wherever I went. As there's a time limit and he was always killing me in the process of me looking for him, he was hard as hell to beat. Even so, I always kept playing, and I'd even wager cigarettes on who would win. If someone who never wins is willing to put something on the line just because he thinks he can win, then there's gotta be a shit load of money in this if you're good at the game. I mean, if each person only wagers a few bucks per round and you have 20-30 people (make that 20-30 rounds just to be conservative) and each person just plays once, then that's still a good $100-$120 a day: Playing games! If that's not a genius money making idea, I don't know what is. Obviously when you understand human nature (the desire to win + the ego to think you will), you can manipulate people to fork over loads of money. If you kept the above math going over a month's period, that's roughly $3,600. Not bad for a monthly paycheck, don't ya think? So go check it out. What do you have to lose?

Selling Game Money
What a lot of people in China are now doing is playing MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game - try saying that in one breath) and selling the game goods for real money. If you've ever played a MMORPG then you'll know that many players are willing to pay good money for rare items, game gold, and other important game features. Say if you played Runescape or World of Warcraft and came up with a way of making a few million coins per day (contribute a standard work day of 8-10 hours to gaming) and sell each million for $5-$7. I promise you, this won't pay your bills if you live in the United States or other first world countries, but it would be an excellent way to earn some money for teenagers and people living in places like Africa, India, and China. You can sell them by either developing a group of several repeat customers that you can just sell to whenever you have it or go to a website like Ebay or game websites specifically made for that game. Keep in mind, though, that most MMORPGs forbid selling game products for real values and, if caught, your account and ip address will be banned from the game forever. Risky business if you ask me. My advice: Don't get caught.

Bot Programming
What some people do to make money via gaming is by writing scripts for and programming autobots that meet the specifications of what you need done. If you're a programmer, you could either design and sell bots individually or you could make a website that lists all of your bots for download and connect each link to paypal so that people can download the programs on their own, but you get paid every time without even doing any marketing or extra work. Obviously, from a business perspective, I'd go with the second choice. You could sell a standard bot that, say, is capable of traveling between gold mines and your bank when your queue is full and then back to the mines for, say, $7.50 per download. As people will are always looking up ways to cheat the games they play (to get an edge on other people, of course), you will always have people coming back to your website again and again. If you had a good 8-10 programs on your page, you'd probably get a decent 60 downloads every week. That's $450 per week. Not bad for a weekly paycheck, considering you're not doing anything.

So overall, you have a few choices here on what you want to do in the gaming industry. I wish each and every one of you the best of luck and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading,
Brandon Dennis