Hello NB, I've found this post on DP and thought I'd share it here! I am currently doing it and making money.

So, you want to learn how to make easy money? Well, we will be using a website that pays you 50 cents to write short 100word reviews on websites. You also get paid $1.50 if you are one of the first people to write a review. I am able to make about 15$ an hour from doing this, and you should be able to make the same amount. The website is http://shar.es/10QCJ
To get started, register and fill in your profile details. The minimum payment is 20$ and they usually payout within 3 days. Longest I've ever waited was 7days. Now, look in the sidebar at products and start reviewing. It should take about a minute to write your very short review. Thats 50 cents. Then you also rate it while your writing your comment so thats 60 cents. Thats pretty easy and there is a wide and vast array of products to review.
Now here is the spin: go to the homepage and look at the websites that have no reviews. That is 1.50 per review. Now, you haven't used the site have you? It would take time to check out the site? Well not anymore. Read the website or the salespage for the product. Then write a comment to address that. Address what it is about. If it is a program to help affiliates, make up a story about what it teaches you and how easy was it to understand and if it was new or recycled material and if the customer support was good and worth the effort etc.
You can write atleast 10 reviews in an hour.
10 times 1.50 for the comments is 11.50
10 times the A B C D or F rating that is worth .10 = 1$
So that is an easy 12.50 an hours. It can be much more depending on if you want to rate others.
Once again, the registration link is http://shar.es/10QCJ
(Note, your stats update once every 12-36 hours so if you have a comment that is pending for a long time, don't worry it will get approved soon. After your first comments get approved a lot more features open up so don't worry)
Please sign up under my ref: http://shar.es/10QCJ

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