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Thread: Help me out on earning!!!!

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    Help me out on earning!!!!

    Hey everyone there,

    In just 2-3 days of joining this community i really learned a lot about internet & earning. And i am really happy after joining this gr8 community...

    Guyzz, I need a small help... actually i need some earning on monthly basis of around 100$. 4-5 months back i wrote for textbroker and earning a decent money of almost 100$ but now textbroker doesn't allow international users ... so i can't able to earn there now ...

    i need 200-300$ for my some urgent work in 2-3 months ... i can't able to find more sites like textbroker and can't able to earn dollars.. so if any1 there suggest me any site like textbroker in which i will surely earn some 100$ monthly after working 1 hour or so daily...

    and if anyone having any idea to get account on textbroker again as they need W9 form .... means to get W9 (fake) in any way ...

    Please some1 reply with some good hope for me


    I am from INDIA

    1 more thing i am a student so others way like making sites and doing work is long process and it will take time to get money from that so i dont have that much time actually.... i need 200-300$ in maximum 3 months .... please help me out plz

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    Write an e-Book about how to hire Indian outsource workers and sell it online for $10. Market it on forum special offer threads. You could provide tips on how to get the most bang for the buck and what tricks to look out for. Then you only need 30+ sales to reach your goal.

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    nice idea dear.... can u tell me any site too where i can write articles and earn 100$ in month for sure without any 2nd thought ... i tried AC and many other sites but not able to make dollars like textbroker .....

    1 more thing i dont have any experience in ebooks making so i dont knw how to proceed etc ...

    and in this stage of time i can't make experiment .... HOPE U UNDERSTAND ME dear

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    Oh dear! What payment method can you accept?

    Maybe you can become a reporter for a newspaper in your local area?

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    LOL !!! U are scaring me .. me jst a student .. i cant devote that much time

    article i can write in 1 hr about 2-3 so thats why i preferred that

    and i want upfront payment not view payment

    suggest me some good ideas and of ebook i am thinking over it and hope if i get any good idea i will work on it thanxx for that idea

    reply soon


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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    Why not write articles for people directly than going through any site..go to elance, NB marketplace, DP marketplace, odesk and write articles for people

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